CleancAIRe™ Through Klearzone™ Technology

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Cleaning Indoor Environments Through Unrivaled Unique Technologies!

Why CleancAIRe?

  • Could you attract more customers if you offered a safer environment?

  • How will you get people to come back into your business?

  • Why should they choose your business?

  • Do you want more customers than you had before?

  • If your competitor had something better than you, could you afford to lose customers?

The CleancAIRe™ program gives consumers and employees the confidence that you care enough about their health to continuously disinfect the air they breathe with Klearzone™ technology.

State-of-the-Art Klearzone™ technology continuously disinfects and purifies air inside your business:

Viruses, Bacteria and Fungi

You know it’s working because odors are eliminated.

Why Klearzone™ Technology?


Clients and employees feel safe to go back to work and travel


Safe, self-contained ozone treatment for the health of employees and guests

24/7 Protection

Lower risk of respiratory infections from COVID virus, influenza and bacteria


Dual ozone and catalytic action to assure complete pathogen destruction


Simply plug it into a power outlet and turn it on

Cost Efficient

No HEPA filters, charcoal filters or UV lamps to buy and replace


Portable for spot treatment, hung from the ceiling or mounted on the wall

Whisper Quiet

Nearly silent operation (33.5 dB)


Remote operation for non-chemical, broad-spectrum area disinfection

Chemical Free

Eliminates airborne odors so you always know the Klearzone™ system is working

Benefits of Klearzone™ Air Disinfection & Purification

  1. Clients and employees feel safe to go back to work and travel
  2. Lower risk of respiratory infections like COVID virus, influenza and respiratory bacteria
  3. Fewer headaches and allergic reactions from mold, chemicals and allergens
  4. Removes airborne animal dander and odors for those with pet allergies
  5. High concentration ozone treatment to maximize disinfection effectiveness and speed
  6. Safe, self-contained ozone treatment for the safety of employees and guests
  7. Built-in ozone sensor to assure no ozone release with outgoing air
  8. Dual function air purification and broad-spectrum area disinfection capabilities
  9. Eliminates airborne odors so you always know the Klearzone™ system is working
Enviornmental Changes Klearzone™ 24/7 Air Purification Klearzone™ Disinfection Bomb
Airborne Viruses
Airborne Bacteria
Airborne Fungi
Airborne Mold
Mold and mildew odors
Animal dander and odors
Tree and flower pollens
Cigarette and cigar smoke
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
Gym / body odors
Bathroom odors
Cooking and food odors
Hair and nail color odors
Interior room disinfection X
Bacteria on surfaces X
Viruses on surfaces X
Fungi, Yeasts & Mold on surfaces X
Surface mold & mildew mitigation X
Residual smoke damage X
Features Benefits
Innovative Design Removes airborne infectious pathogens, fungi, allergens and VOCs without UV lamps, HEPA or charcoal filters anywhere desired in a hotel
Silent Sentry Operation Klearzone™ is quiet (34dB)
24/7 elimination of airborne pathogens Can recycle and purify a 20’ x 20’ x 8’ room of airborne pathogens 3 times per hour
Ozone & catalyst honeycomb reaction zone Ozone is activated and neutralized inside unit without external release for 24/7 air cleaning
Ozone converted back to O2 30 to 60-minute empty room disinfectionand sterilization in states and countries where ozone is accepted
PROTECTED BY KLEANZONE™ Branding opportunity to demonstrate reduced infection transmission risk for guests and employees
Cost Effective Dual use as Air Purifier or Ozone Bomb sanitizer
Low Maintenance No HEPA, charcoal filters or UV lamps to replace
Flexible Operation Portable or Wall / Ceiling mounted
Dual Voltage Operation 110/220V operation
Easy to Use Plug in and run operation
24/7 elimination of airborne pathogens Keeps air clean to reduce risk of airborne pathogen infections for hotel staff and guests
Removes foul smelling odors Kleanzone™ breaks down & destroys mold, allergen, animal and VOC smells to cleanse the air

Unlike systems using filtration, Klearzone™ technology uses a combination of high dose ozone and
catalytic action to completely destroy pathogens emitting particle free H2O, CO2 and O2.

The added benefit of Klearzone™ technology is the capacity to treat all areas of a room with a
broad-spectrum area disinfection method with remote control operation.

The Applications are Endless.

How Does Klearzone™ Work?

Indoor Air Purification and Disinfection Pathogen Destroying Nano-Catalyst Technology.


  1. Ozone Inactivates Airborne Pathogens and Contaminates
    A powered blower produces necessary static pressure and volumetric air flow through the Klearzone™unit. This draws airborne infectious pathogens, particles and compounds into a reaction zone where ozone, viruses and bacteria are concentrated inside a nonlinear catalyst-coated monolith.

  2. Destroys viruses, bacteria, fungi and organic compounds by catalytic conversion
    Ozone-oxidized proteins, RNA/DNA and other organic compounds strike the amalgamated catalyst passing this mixture further through a tortuous nonlinear path into our proprietary High Surface Area and High Porosity Nano-catalyst. This accelerates destructive reaction time and breaks down the organic hydrocarbon chainsinto CO2, O2 and H2O with some remaining O3

  3. Ozone (O3) is converted back into pure O2
    All Ozone is safely converted back into pure O2 via an additional monolith with a catalytic coating, so nothing is emitted but clean smelling, purified air without the need for a HEPA or charcoal filter. The unit is fitted with a safety switch which ensures that the unit cannot be activated unless air flow is present and that there is regulated back pressure. The system has a built-in Ozone sensor and indicator system giving both a digital value and green light to show the device is fully functional and operating correctly.

Broad-Spectrum Indoor Environment Disinfection (Air and Surface)

  1. The enclosed room is first cleared of humans and animals for safety
    The CleancAIRe™ unit is remotely operated, so no human or animal is exposed to the oxidizing levels of gaseous ozone required to kill undesired infectious agents in the air and on surfaces

  2. Broad-Spectrum Indoor Environment Disinfection of Pathogens &Contaminates
    Using a timed cycle and ozone sensors to assure adequate ozone concentration, the intake fan is reversed to emit gaseous ozone into the area to saturate the room to a disinfecting level. The cycle time is adjustable depending on the pathogen and environment to be treated, as well as the size and space of room. Applications will and can differ depending on the environmental conditions.

  3. Destroys Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi and Organic Compounds Through Oxidation
    Most airborne viruses and bacteria are readily killed by lower dose ozone. Viruses, bacteria and mold on solid surfaces require higher ozone levels and time to oxidize and kill them, as long as the ozone gas levels can reach them. (i.e. air, floors, walls, counters, tables, chairs, doorknobs, handles, pens, keyboards,etc.)

  4. Residual Ozone is Removed from the Room Automatically
    At the end of the 1- to 4-hour disinfection cycle, the fan automatically reverses to draw in and remove residual ozone from the room air. The ozone sensor built into the Klearzone™unit tells you when it is safe to reenter the room.This is indicated both digitally and visually with a green LED.

Why Ozone?

  • Testing and medical documentation for decades has proven ozone’s potent ability to kill and destroy 99.9% of micro-organisms and viruses

  • Ozone attacks the virus or microorganism’s protein structure and nucleic acid core, thus damaging its RNA/DNA, inactivating protein synthesis and killing the pathogen

  • Ozone is a standard disinfectant method for many medical devices and materials used in hospitals and sterile environments

  • Ozone reactions kills germs 3,125 times faster than chlorine bleach

  • Ozone destroys odors and organic compounds leaving the air smelling fresh and clean

Virus (C,H,N) + O3 => O2 + CO2 + H20 + NOx trace amounts

Click Picture to Enlarge

Ozone Susceptible Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi and Protozoans in Literature

HIV 1, SARS corona virus 1, Influenza A & B 3, Adenovirus8, Coxsackievirus, Rhinovirus, Parainfluenza, Reovirus, Orthomyxovirus – Influenza, Morbillivirus (rubeola), Varicella-zoster (VZV), Togavirus (German measles), Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), Paramyxovirus, Norovirus – Norwalk 2,3,8, Enterovirus 3, Hepatitis A 2,3,8, Hepatitis B 3, Poliovirus 1 and 2 2,3, Echo Virus 29 3, Encephalomyocarditis 3, GDVII 3, Herpes 3, Klebs-Loffler 3, Poliomyelitis 3, Rhabdovirus 3, Indiana vesiculovirus 3, human rotaviruses 3, Parvoviruses 3, MS2 5, T7 5, ф6 5, фX174 [5, Collophage MS3 2
Acinetobacter baumannii 1, Clostridium 3, Clostridium difficile 1, Clostridium Botulinum Spores 3, Staphylococci 3, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus 1, 4, Actinomyces naeslundii 1, Lactobacilli casei 1, Salmonella 3, Streptococci 3, Streptococcus 3, Streptococcus mutans 1, Shigella3, Legionella pneumophila 3, Pseudomonas aerunginosa 3,6, Pseudomonas ssp 6, Yersinia enterocolitica 3, Campylobacter jejuni 3, Mycobacteria 3, Mycobacterium tuberculosis 3, Kelbsiella pneumonia 3, Escherichia coli 3,6, Bacillus 3, Bacillus Anthracis 3, Listeria, Corynebacterium diphtheriae 3, Typhus abdominalis 3, Penicillin citrinum 5, Bordetella pertussis, Mycoplasma pneumoniae, Chlamydia pneumoniae, Haemophilus influenzae
Aspergilus 3, Aspergillus Niger 3, Candida 3, Histoplasma 3, Actinomycoses 3, Cryptococcus 3, Pneumocystis jirovecii, Cladosporium
Giardia 3, Cryptosporidium 3, Acanthamoeba 3, Hartmonella 3, Negleria 3
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Our Stats

Klearzone 244
Part Number: KZ-2441 (D or P) Ducted or Portable
Power: 110 Volt, 50/60 Hz,
Unit Size 9.6” X 24” | (244 mm x 610 mm) 
Max Flow Rate: 200 CFM (340 M3/h) 
Weight: 33 Lbs. | 15 Kilos 
Material: Full 304 Stainless Steel Body 
Monolith Material: Stainless Steel Non-Linear Construction 
Serialized: Individually Serialized 
Operating Temperature: 40° F to 122° F (4° C to 50° C) 
Room Temperature Impact: No Increase to Ambient Temperature 
Power Leads: Interchangeable 
Warranty: Lifetime Against Corrosion and 12 Months on Technology 
Testing: Lab Tested and Verified by Medical Professionals 
Certifications: Manufactured using Certified UL Components

Noise Level(s) DBA As is Duct Connected with Duct Silencer
Maximum speed 200 CFM (340M3h) 58 53 50
Silent Mode 100 CFM (170M3/h) 38 37 34

· Noise levels are measured 6Ft from the inlet.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked QuestionsAnswers
    Is the CleancAIRe unit portable?Yes
    Can I mount the CleancAIRe unit to a wall or ceiling?Yes
    Does the CleancAIRe unit have a remote control?Yes
    What is the maximium coverage of the CleancAIRe unit?A single Klearzone140 will recycle 8400 cubic feet per hour.  In a high traffic zone, recycling the room air every 10-15 minutes will help minimize breathable airborne contaminates, as people move through the space.  A single Klearzone400 will recycle 24000 cubic feet per hour.
    Is the CleancAIRe unit UL or CSA approved?All components of the CleancAIRe unit are CL approved.
    How long will the CleancAIRe unit last?The CleancAIRe unit is manufactured from high-grade stainless steel and should last 5-7 years, or longer.
    How expensive is the CleancAIRe unit to run?The CleancAIRe unit has a very low cost to run, and uses no more than 1.8 amps.
    Does the CleancAIRe unit auto select voltage?Yes, the CleancAIRe unit can switch from 110 to 220 Volt.
    Do I need a qualified Installer?No, the CleancAIRe unit is used as a portable device that is a plug in device.  If the CleancAIRe unit is to be permanently mounted, a qualified installer is advised.
    Can I install the CleancAIRe unit myself?Yes.
    Are there any moving parts?The blower fan, toggle on/off switch, starter switch and circuit breaker buttons are the only moving parts on all CleancAIRe units.
    Is the CleancAIRe unit affected by humidity?Humidity has very little to no impact on the on CleancAIRe units.  
    Can I paint the CleancAIRe unit to blend in with my furnishings?Yes, but professionally painted and powder coated is recommended.
    Does the CleancAIRe unit get hot?No
    What happens if the inlet gets plugged?CleancAIRe unit switches off and will need to be restarted.  The inlet can be wiped clean with disinfectant and a towel to remove debris, if needed.
    Does the CleancAIRe unit need cleaning?No internal cleaning required.
    What happens to insects if they enter the CleancAIRe unit?Insects are killed and broken down into H2O, CO2 and Nitrates.
    Can I replace any part of the CleancAIRe unit?All replacement parts are available.
    Does the CleancAIRe unit come with a mounting system.The CleancAIRe unit has a universal mounting system included.
    How much does the CleancAIRe unit weigh?The weight of the CleancAIRe unit is dependent upon the unit size, and is between 30 and 60 lbs.
    Can the CleancAIRe unit be set to work on a timer?Yes
    What is the best location for the CleancAIRe unit? Areas with high foot traffic and congregation are best.
    Is there a minimum area for the CleancAIRe unit?No
    What is the optimum area for the CleancAIRe unit?The CleancAIRe unit, dependent upon unit model, ranges from 25,000 square feet to 75,000 cubic feet.  How do you get 25,000 and 75,000 cubic feet? That’s recycling the air in a room 1x per 3 hours.  If you have high traffic areas with people coming and going consistently, you need to recycle the air more often.   
    Should the CleancAIRe unit run longer for larger spaces?Yes, in principle.  You don’t get the full benefits unless you run the unit continuously when you have humans or animals occupying the room.
    Does the CleancAIRe unit need to be ducted?The unit typically operates as a standalone, self-contained unit. In some areas, a duct may offer additional placement options and applications.
    Can I add the CleancAIRe unit to my exisiting HVAC system?Not at this point, but we are developing a unique HVAC bolt in unit.
    Where do I purchase a CleancAIRe unit?Online or through one of our dedicated distributors. Distributors can be found at  
    How can I become a CleancAIRe distributor?Submit an application by clicking the link “Become a Distributor” at
    Does the CleancAIRe unit have a built in fuse?Yes, the CleancAIRe unit is fully protected with its own intergrated fuse.
    Are there other sizes available?Other sizes are being designed and built. The application sizing chart at will be updates as we release new product.
    How long will the broad spectrum disinfection cycle take?Up to a maximum of 2 hours. The CleancAIRe unit is programmable and is dependent upon room size, shape and use.
    What is the Cleancaire unit’s operating temperature?Operation temp is below 100˚f.  
    Can I use CleancAIRe to disinfect my walk-in refrigerator?Yes
    Can I use CleancAIRe to disinfect my ambulance?Yes
    Does Klearzone technology kill COVID-19 virus?Yes, provided operating temperature and minimum humidity levels are maintained.
    Do you provide repair or maintenance service for CleancAIRe units?We do not, but our Distributors can.  There is little to no maintenance required.
    What happens if the back pressure gets too high?The CleancAIRe unit will shut off, and a visual LED light will illuminate.
    Can I use more than one CleancAIRe unit in a room?Absolutely.  Best to turn over the air in high traffic areas with more closely spaced or higher throughput units, then cover more area per unit where foot traffic is light.  For instance, checkout lines and ordering counters with greater congestion should have greater air volume turnover versus a low traffic corner of a store room.  
    How can I measure ozone levels in the room?You can measure with an ozone testing meter, but the Kleanzone unit emits insignificant ozone in the standard airpurification mode (12 parts per trillion).   
     Can I use a humidifier to increase humidity levels in the room? You can, but not necessary.  (for broad spectrum disinfection, humidity should be above 60% humidity for ozone to be effective against bacterial and fungal spores on surfaces)
    What are the dimensions of a Klearzone140?
    8″ x 36″. Also, available in drum style 12.5″ x 28″.
    What are the dimensions of a Klearzone400?
    12.5″ x 28″
    Can I use my smartphone to control the CleancAIRe unit?
    Not yet, but it is in development.
    Can I plumb the CleancAIRe unit into the air intake inlet of my room HVAC system?
    Can I use CleancAIRe units outdoors under a covered patio to draw away pathogens?
    Yes, but the CleancAIRe unit will not clean all the outside air, just the amount in the inlet facility. The CleancAIRe unit is not designed for open outdoor spaces.
    Can I use CleancAIRe unit inside a subway or train car?
    Yes, as part of the overall system and must be installed by an approved installation technician.